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Created by Tahfimul Latif. A portfolio website about my programming career.

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Jhal NYC Website


CNC File Sorter

July, 2017-August, 2017

HHS Website

February, 2017-April, 2017


March, 2017-April, 2017



  • Programming Languages: Java, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, XML

  • Frameworks: Bootstrap, Flask

  • Libraries: JQuery

  • Languages Spoken: Bengali and English


Hillcrest High School


  • GPA: 3.7

September 2014 - June 2018

Graduation: June 2018


Ibex Innovation Internship

Long Island City, NY


July 2017-August 2017

  • Developed a program to sort CNC files for Ibex by material type using programming languages: JavaScript, CSS, HTML and Python, frameworks: Bootstrap, Flask, libraries: JQuery, Ajax to construct program. Learned about Web Server Gateway Interface Applications, Flask framework, Openpyxl and how to create windows installers in order to develop the program. Created a documentation for program’s code.

  • Learned basics of AutoDesk Inventor including creation of parts, assemblies and drawings. Chose a part(Stand) to be manufactured using CNC and designed the part using the following specifications: Materials of choice: Plywood or MDF Material dimensions: 4 ft x 4 ft.

Software Engineering Course



September 2015-Present

  • Understand complex software engineering problems.

  • Develop critical thinking to be able to plan for difficult situations

  • Learn to create product descriptions, algorithms, flowcharts, test plan, and test

  • Create teamwork ethics

  • Understand ways to make programs user engaging and friendly

  • Learn Scratch, JavaScript, HTML, CSS and Java

  • Projects: Quadratic Graphing Calculator using JavaScript, Android Application

Android application

Queens, NY


October 2017-Present

  • Develop an Android application to parse and display colleges and job data based on user’s interest of career as well as help user plan for their career of choice.

  • Use Android Studio IDE, Java and XML to develop application.

  • Application must have offline support.

  • Create an unique, simple and user engaging product.

**Other open source projects can be viewed at: github.com/Tahfimul


This is what TAHF. PROFILE is all about. Written on April 14, 2017 Last Edited on July 13, 2017

My first android app,
Matter News.

Epic Cars website
using For Loop

TAHF. PROFILE is where I (Tahfimul Latif) share snippets of my work as a programmer that I have done over the years and continue to do so throughout my career. In summary, it is a portfolio. I hope you tag along with my journey and get inspired to become a programmer some day as there is a great demand for them. Always feel free to reach out to me because we are a community!

Why did I start?

My story goes back to my childhood. I was always fascinated by computer technology. When my dad bought me our first desktop in 2007, I was quick to find out about the components that made it up.

How did I start?

As my interest in computers progressed, my cousin introduced me to programming in 2013. Back then I had very little knowledge in programming. He introduced me to a programming langauage known as Python.

Eventually, I found out about various other languages that were more interesting with better functionalities. They are HTML, Javascript, CSS, and Java.

Links to my profiles

GithubMediumFlipboardTwitterLinked In

Email me: tahfimullatif@gmail.com